Temple Of Tooth

The Temple of the Tooth, also known as Sri Dalada Maligawa, is a sacred Buddhist temple located in the historic city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. As one of the most revered religious sites in the country, the temple houses the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha, making it a significant pilgrimage destination for Buddhists from all over the world. The history of the Temple of the Tooth dates back to ancient times, and it holds deep cultural and spiritual significance for the people of Sri Lanka. The temple was originally built in the 16th century during the reign of King Vimaladharmasuriya I and has since been expanded and renovated by successive kings. The temple's architectural design showcases traditional Sri Lankan craftsmanship and cultural elements, making it an exceptional example of the island's cultural heritage. The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined within the temple in a golden casket, known as the Relic Chamber. It is believed that possessing the sacred tooth relic has bestowed political and spiritual authority upon the ruling monarchs throughout history, making the temple an essential symbol of royal patronage and Buddhism's influence in Sri Lanka. One of the most significant annual events at the Temple of the Tooth is the Esala Perahera, a grand and elaborate cultural procession held during the month of July or August. The Perahera features beautifully adorned elephants, traditional dancers, drummers, and other performers parading through the streets of Kandy, paying homage to the sacred tooth relic and invoking blessings upon the city and its people.

Visiting the Temple of the Tooth is a profound and spiritual experience. As visitors enter the temple complex, they are greeted by the scent of incense, the soothing sound of Buddhist chants, and the sight of devoted worshippers offering flowers and prayers to the sacred relic. The serene ambiance and the sense of reverence create a tranquil and meditative atmosphere that captivates visitors. The temple's location adds to its allure, as it is set against the backdrop of the picturesque Kandy Lake and surrounded by lush gardens. The temple's positioning within the cultural heart of Kandy makes it a central attraction for both pilgrims and tourists exploring the city's rich history and heritage. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a treasure of Buddhist heritage, the Temple of the Tooth at Kandy stands as a living testament to Sri Lanka's deep-rooted spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage. Its significance as a sacred pilgrimage site and the custodian of the precious tooth relic ensures its place as a cherished symbol of devotion and veneration for Buddhists and a place of wonder and awe for all who visit.